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According to the Small Business Administration, 50% of all small businesses fail within one year, 95% within five years. Allbusiness.com lists the top ten reasons why, reason number three is: "Sloppy or ineffective marketing."

Our weekly column is dedicated to showing small business owners and employees how they can effectively market for themselves.

Every week we offer advice and answer your questions in our syndicated newspaper column as we continue our ongoing quest to improve the business landscape, and give every business person insight into how to make their own marketing more successful.

Together, 3 Men Marketing has over 70-years experience in the design, advertising, and marketing industries, worked for numerous agencies, have already been published in a number of periodicals and newspapers on their own, and to this day deal with the trials of helping people market their businesses, no matter what obstacles they throw in their own way. 

We were tired of the boring business books and columns out there and decided to offer our marketing expertise with a bit of excitement and levity.

Check your favorite newspaper or journal to see if they’ve added the 3 Men Marketing column. If not, demand that they do!

So kick back with your favorite beverage, pick up your favorite paper, and give us a read. Join us as 3 Men Marketing becomes your secret weapon in marketing mastery.


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If you're trying to get more customers on slow days, try having a sale or a give-away just on those days. You can not only increase traffic, but you can track how many folks are responding to your ads and ad venues.

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