How many times have you wished for a period photograph to show to your friends and family, one that looked like it had been in someone's attic for a hundred years or more so they would get a better idea of what you do? Perhaps you'd like a souvenir for everyone who attended your conference? Do you need an image for a play? Or maybe even a movie set?

Well, there's no need to look any further! Now, through the modern miracle of your own digital photography, you can have a tintype image made from your favorite photographs. After years of study and attention to historical detail, we are proud to offer the very first Historical Digital Tintype Service! Just send your high resolution digital image here, and we'll convert it, blur small children (who never seemed to sit still for their pictures in the day of three and four second shutter speeds), block out name tags or telephone lines, distress the edges, narrow the depth of field, and adjust the grey levels so that it looks just like a hundred year old tintype photograph.

When we're done, we'll send the image right back to you! That way, you're free to print as many as you'd like and on whatever paper you wish. You can even put it on your website (though we do ask that you credit us for the revised image). We provide a skilled, professional service of image manipulation, so there's no need to charge you for prints!

All for just $40 an image!

For major manipulations, such as deleting automobiles or even buildings in the background, we charge an extra $15 because of the additional effort. We'll invoice you through PayPal after we've had a chance to examine your picture. If what you need done isn't as extensive as you may think, we won't bill you! In the event of a major problem with the background of your picture, we can take the image out of your photograph and place it in a more period setting.

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Would you like period style tinting and gilding to your photos? Not to worry; as you can see in the image below, we're quite capable of doing just that! Tinted images start at $50, a slight upcharge to cover the additional time we need to do your image correctly. So don't delay; send us your images here and we'll get started right away!

tinted sample


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In the event you'd like a different time period, rest assured that we can create images for the turn of the last century, World War I, World War II and the the 1940's, right through the Viet Nam War and the 1960s, in either black and white or color. We give the image a large white border so you can trim your photos for a narrow edge or 1940s-style deckel cut edges!
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Please allow one to three weeks for delivery.



Visit our companion website for period paperwork!